japan2world.com is a website to introduce Japanese pottery culture and Japanese food culture to the world.

japan2world.com is a Web site to introduce Japanese pottery culture to the world. japan2world.com is not just an online shop, we have intended to introduce Japanese food culture. We will post the information for people who are interested in Japanese food culture and Japanese potteries. We will post the information such as recipes of Japanese cuisine, and the introduction of pottery that meets the Japanese cuisine.

There are not so many Japanese potters who have an online shop for their potteries. Therefore, you can get works of many Japanese potters only in limited pottery shops in Japan.

About potteries which japan2world.com introduce.

japan2world.com is an online shop for only handmade Japanese ceramics. Potteries and porcelains to sell in japan2world can be purchased only at some stores in Japan, but can not be purchased abroad. In Japan, there are a lot of producers, over 100, of pottery and porcelain. Among them, the famous production district such as Mashiko in Tochigi prefecture, Arita in Saga prefecture and Seto in Aichi prefecture has been gathered potters more than 100. Potters produce creative works. However, no matter how wonderful work, most of potteries and porcelains can be purchased only in Japan. Great Japanese potters often not be known in the world.

Potter Saburo Kimura in Mashiko
Potter Haruo Fukushima in Mashiko

japan2world.com runs a site from the will that we want to tell the Japanese ceramic culture to the world. Our shop has only selected handmade potteries and porcelains.


Keigo Watanabe