Potteries of “beauty for use”

Mashiko, Tochigi Prefecture is located in a 2-hour drive from Tokyo, it is the most pottery thriving place in the Tokyo metropolitan area. There are more than 400 kilns in Mashiko and potters is gathered from all over Japan and overseas. Pottery shop is also more than 50. Mashiko is the famous tourist spot and visited by many tourists from overseas.

From Edo period of 1852, the potteries production has been started in Mashiko . Then in Mashiko production of daily use potteries was the main. In1920s a potter Shoji Hamada emigrated to Mashiko. He pursued the production of beautiful pottery which is daily basis used. He said “beauty for use”. There

In the current Mashiko, there is a strong influence of Shoji Hamada. Potters in Mashiko are pursuing their original style for producing the pottery of “beauty for use”. 

Artists from Mashiko

Otsuka Masayoshi

Kimura Saburo

Fukushima Haruo